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Naturally Define Your Beauty

What is Lift it Up ?

Our brand and product were created out of necessity in the ever-bustling New York City by two French best friends. 
As women all around the world continue to make beauty a priority, trying every solution on the market from surgical procedures, injections, and countless supplements, we created a product that yields the same effect to reach these goals without the hassle and at a more affordable price!
A simple, everyday, hidden accessory, Lift It Up products are easy to use and provide a real lift for the whole eye area in less than a minute, with no pain or long-term facial damage!

Our Products


Blonde LiftitUp


Brown LiftitUp


Black LiftitUp

How To Use

Receive your desired, uplifted look in just a few minutes.

  • Unbox

  • Measure

  • Apply

  • Enjoy!


Experience the same sensation as your hair in a ponytail.

Hair Brush & Mirror

Damage Free

Feel comfortable knowing your hair is protected and maintained. 


Adjusts to your comfortable size & blends in with any hair style.


See immediate results as soon as you complete the LiftItUp application.

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